LEARN | Forum on World Refugee Crisis

First Congregational United Church of Christ is hosting a two-week adult education forum series on the world refugee crisis.  The Congregational Church is located at 100 N. Main St., Mount Vernon.

  • Peggy Faw Gish — Feb 12, 10:45 to Noon

Peggy Faw Gish, who spent time this past summer working in a small, locally run refugee camp on the Island of Lesbos, Greece, will share about her recent experience working with refugees, the current refugee crisis in Europe, its relationship to conflicts in the Middle East, and the world community’s response.

Since 2002, Peggy has worked with people suffering from violence in Iraq, Palestine, Nigeria, and Greece, mostly through The Christian Peacemaker Teams.  She has been an organic market farmer, living near Athens, OH, and is a member of the Church of the Brethren.  She has been a director of the Appalachian Peace and Justice Network, a community mediator,  and has written two books: Iraq: A Journey of Hope and Peace (2004) and Walking Through Fire: Iraqis’ Struggle for Justice and Reconciliation (2013).

  • Jae June Lee — Feb 19, 10:45 to Noon

Jae June Lee, a senior at Kenyon College, will present information about his summer 2016 Davis Project for Peace in the Calais, France, refugee camp. Lee established a cloud-based platform that enables NGOs to directly communicate with refugees and migrants, allowing them to target donations to those in need and better understand those trapped amidst this devastating refugee crisis.

For more information, contact Erin Salva.

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