TAKE ACTION | Kick-start the Redistricting Effort

The Ohio office of Common Cause needs your help. Catherine Turcer, policy analyst for Common Cause Ohio, said in a letter to supporters,

In November 2015, 71% voters, and the majority in all 88 counties voted to establish the bipartisan Ohio Redistricting Commission to create new rules for state legislative mapmaking. This includes a prohibition on gerrymandering or manipulating districts for partisan advantage. It’s time to bring this reform for Ohio’s Congress representation. If state law makers continue to fail to act, we will begin to work on a citizens’ ballot measure.

Redistricting is one of the most influential factors in Ohio’s representation in Congress. Gerrymandering has given Republicans an unfair edge, making it extremely difficult to elect Democrats in many of the state’s districts (including our own 7th District). Turcer is looking for volunteers for this citizen-initiated ballot measure. Read more about Common Cause Ohio‘s efforts and learn how you can sign up to help.


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