VOICES | What Does Rep. Gibbs Think of You?

636244083171605487-gibbs-0306What does Rep. Gibbs (OH-7) think about us? Not much, I’m afraid. If you’ve been writing or calling him to express your concerns about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) or the status of the EPA or any other roll back of protections, he thinks you are as pesky as a gnat. According to the Mansfield News Journal, Gibbs spoke to a gathering of the Richland County Republican Party:

Several times in his speech, Gibbs referred to his “new friends,” a group of liberal constituents who repeatedly contact his office to advocate for various policies, like keeping the Affordable Care Act.

“I believe they’re a minority, but they’re very vocal,” he said. “They are chasing us around, emailing and calling the office and doing all kinds of things. They think Obamacare is a great thing, and they nab me when I use the word Obamacare, not the Affordable Care Act, because they think it’s great.”

Perhaps instead of “chasing” him around, we should start working on his replacement. Hmm?

2 responses to “VOICES | What Does Rep. Gibbs Think of You?

  1. We’re doing both, of course. Read the “Indivisible” manual about “speedbumping.” We’ve already pushed key things off the table, like lifetime limits. Also, there are one or two points of agreement–like negotiate drug prices. Crucial things happen in Congress now–we can’t wait till 2018. But our action has inspired several potential candidates to explore running.

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