Keeping Up ‘Signs on the Square’

Your presence is needed!  Thanks to the GibbsWatch group, you and your neighbors have been gathering since January 21st every Saturday on the Mount Vernon Square to speak out for policies that help all of us and government that serves all of us.  People keep coming despite rain, snow and cold temperatures.  Our crowds have ranged from 30 to over 100 people each Saturday.

This past Saturday, March 11, the group advocated for our public schools and continued funding and support for local public schools.  Next Saturday, March 18, we will advocate for accessible and affordable health care with a focus on the needs of those with mental health and addiction issues.

It is so valuable to have this local opportunity to meet others with shared concerns and to stand in solidarity with those on the square.  Plus, there are so many cars that drive by with honks of support and drivers with thumbs up.  This is part of building a movement.  Please continue to join us.  Together we are stronger!


One response to “Keeping Up ‘Signs on the Square’

  1. What time do they all meet and are they making signs first somewhere?
    We meet each Saturday from 12:30 to 1:00 PM. There are some signs available but you are encouraged to bring your own.


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