TAKE ACTION | Tools of the Trade: An Indivisible Guide for Ohioans

Innovation Ohio released its Ohio Resistance Guide (click link to download) this week. According to the organization, “While we must keep fighting the Trump agenda, lawmakers at the Statehouse have the power to pass legislation right here at home. Just since the election, we have seen bills advance to block wage increases, undermine women’s health and economic security, attack the rights of the LGBT community and reverse clean energy standards.”

Endorsed by the INDIVISIBLE leaders, the guide outlines strategies for affecting change at the state level. In a foreword to the Ohio Resistance Guide, Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg of INDIVISIBLE write, “Innovation’s Ohio’s tremendous resource puts the spotlight on Ohio’s state legislature and executive branch. Featuring some great tactical recommendations and handy explainers, this guide will help demystify Ohio’s government and help you hold your state elected officials accountable.”

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