Oppose Trumpcare 2.0 – Calls Needed

The House has revived their Trumpcare bill again, this time with an amendment that would take away care from people with pre-existing conditions. The bill has more support this time around, and the House could vote as early as today.  Call Bob Gibbs and tell him not to vote for this bill.

Like the bill that you defeated in March, TrumpCare 2.0 would raise premiums for millions of people, especially older and sicker Americans, and strip coverage from as many as 24 million people. It would cut over $880 billion from Medicaid to give $600 billion in tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.

But TrumpCare 2.0 doesn’t stop there. After seven years of empty promises and campaign rhetoric, the new GOP plan goes further. It lets insurance companies price gouge sick Americans. It allows states to deny protections for people with pre-existing conditions for almost any reason, resulting in higher costs and less comprehensive coverage for children with autism, people with cancer, and women. It allows states to eliminate guaranteed coverage of maternity care and other essential benefits like critical mental health services.

They’re doing this knowing that the public does not back their plans. In fact, in a recent Kaiser Health poll, 74% of respondents said Republicans should do what they can to make the Affordable Care Act work.

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