Wherefore art thou Representative?

Will Rep. Bob Gibbs hold a town hall during this recess? Unlikely. He hasn’t held one yet this year. The Ohio-7th isn’t the only congressional district without a town hall led by its representative, but fed-up constituents are finding other ways to voice their concerns.

According to Politico today, “Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from the 18th District in the Lower Hudson Valley, will travel north to attend a forum organized by the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation in Ulster County, which is represented by Rep. John Faso, a Republican from Kinderhook.” The labor group will ask the Democratic rep—who has “adopted” the 18th District while Faso avoids the public forum—how and why Republicans passed the much-maligned American Health Care Act last week. (Incidentally, Rep. Faso is the same guy who promised a constituent with brain cancer that she wouldn’t lose her health care just two months ago. No wonder he’s hiding.)

Democratic House representatives in Ohio would be mighty busy if they had to cover for every no-show Republican and “adopt” districts that have been gerrymandered into red inkblots. Here’s an alternative: invite Democratic contenders for Republican-held seats to speak in those districts where the rep won’t face a town hall.

The May recess ends on May 15th. Maybe Ken Harbaugh is available?

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