TAKE ACTION | This Week: Sign up, donate to put redistricting on the ballot

fairdistricts2The Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition is gearing up to begin its petition circulation campaign to put redistricting on the ballot in Ohio this fall.  This constitutional initiative “would transfer authority for drawing congressional district lines from the legislature to the bipartisan Ohio Redistricting Commission, and would allow any Ohio citizen to propose a plan,” according to the coalition.

The Knox County Democratic Party (KCDP) is managing volunteer efforts to get petitions signed in the county. The petition forms are expected to be available this week and training will be offered through KCDP (time/date to be announced). To volunteer to circulate petitions, please email Adam Gilson, chair of the KCDP. Online training is also available through a Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition webinar.

The ballot initiative would reform congressional redistricting—redrawing the districts that elect Ohio’s members of the House of Representatives—just as Issue 1, which was passed by 71.5 percent of Ohio’s voters in 2015, eliminated the gerrymandering of state legislative districts.

This critical effort also requires financial support from citizens who want to end gerrymandering. Print materials, distribution, and coordination cost money. You can help by making a donation and spreading the word. Visit the campaign’s donation page for details.

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