LEARN | Knox Addiction Conference is Slated for June 28-29

The Knox Addiction Conference will be held June 28-29, 2017, in Rosse Hall at Kenyon College.  It is hosted by the Knox Substance Abuse Action Team (KSAAT). This conference offers a number of different professional development tracks and is also open to the general public.  There will be information on what is being done to address drug abuse in our community and immediate ways that each one of us can get involved in supporting people in recovery and strengthening the community.

You are part of the solution! This is an excellent opportunity for the community as a whole to examine their different strengths and talents and help reduce stigma as we learn about how addiction, treatment, and recovery impact every life in our community.

Registration for all attendees is required. Meals and all conference materials are included in your registration fee, though materials can only be guaranteed for attendees who register by June 15th.  Registrations will be accepted up until the morning of the conference. Lunch is going to be provided cafeteria style and will have options for those with special dietary needs. Registration and breakfast will begin at 7 am both days in Rosse Hall.

To register, click here.


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