Support Redistricting – Sign the Petition

There are only a couple weeks left to gather enough signatures to place the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio initiative on the Fall 2017 ballot.   Please take the time to sign the petition and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to sign as well.   Petitions will be available from 5:00-7:00 PM at the democratic headquarter on East Vine St. on weeknights between now and Friday June 30 (except Mon. June 26). The petitions will also be circulated Saturdays at Signs on the Square on June 24 and July 1.

This redistricting initiative is modeled after the state legislative redistricting reform which had bi-partisan support and was approved by over 71% of the voters.  It will help to increase competitive elections, taking away the guarantee that incumbents are going to get re-elected.   Much of the reason Congress has gotten so extreme and dysfunctional is because we don’t have fair districts.  Uncompetitive congressional elections means that our representatives in Congress aren’t accountable to the General Election voters.  They are worried about primaries and donors.  This leads to dysfunction and gridlock.

The Fair Congressional Redistricting for Ohio initiative will address these issues for the legislators who represent Ohio in Congress.

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