TAKE ACTION | Volunteer at the Fair

Want to get involved in the progressive movement? You can take an easy first dip into the work by volunteering for the Knox County Democratic Party (KCDP) at this year’s Knox County Fair. You’ll get to talk with friendly folks, learn more about the community, maybe watch monster trucks, and show your support for progressive candidates and causes.

KCDP is looking for volunteers to maintain its booth during the Fair, which is scheduled for July 22-29, at the Fairgrounds. Volunteers are needed to fill one-hour (or more—you can do it!) shifts, mostly in the evening but also some during the day. KCDP President Adam Gilson will work with you if you have a preferred time that isn’t available on the sign-up sheet linked here. You can reach Adam via email.

We know that activism sometimes starts with baby steps. This is a great one to take — you might even see a dancing pig (the last time I volunteered, I saw one), indulge in funnel cakes, and soak up the curious atmosphere that county fairs celebrate. Sign up today!


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