AMPLIFY | Ohio Among States to Suffer Under Proposed Senate Health Care Bill

Note: Tomorrow, July 18, noon, Ohioans are gathering at Senator Rob Portman’s Columbus office to urge him to vote no on the Better Care Reconciliation Act. Sen. Portman has said that he will not decide on his vote until the CBO releases its analysis, which was supposed to be released today. The Senate will not vote on the bill until Sen. John McCain’s return after surgery. It is hoped that the CBO will release its analysis well before the vote. To attend the protest at Portman’s office, located at 37 W. Broad St., click here for details. [Breaking News: Two Republican senators, in addition to the two already committed to voting against the act, have said they will not support it.]

Although the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has delayed releasing its analysis of the Republican’s revised Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) under consideration in the U.S. Senate, the Urban Institute has offered its updated state-by-state analysis of the bill’s effect on the growth of uninsured individuals. The Urban Institute, an economic and social policy research organization, shared its projection that the average national increase of uninsured individuals under the revised BCRA will be 78% (as opposed to 80% under the bill’s previous version). The slight reduction in the uninsured increases is cold comfort for states like Ohio, which have benefited under Obamacare’s optional expansion of Medicaid. As seen in the map below, Ohio’s uninsured rate will balloon by 178%.

Download the detailed report, “Updated: Who Gains and Who Loses under the Better Care Reconciliation Act,” or visit the Urban Institute’s page on health care for more information and updates.

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