AMPLIFY | If it’s Tuesday, it Must be Time to Call Portman

Republicans have not given up on repealing Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) and we can’t give up on telling them they’re wrong. In fact, it is your phone call that is making a difference. Why do you need to call Senator Portman this week? The baffling, byzantine scramble in the U.S. Senate to kill health care has reached a new low with a yet-to-be-identified bill that is threatening to slither onto the floor for a vote. 

Below we’re sharing the best effort we’ve seen yet to explain where we are with health care, and who wins and loses if/when something is passed. We urge you to call Senator Portman on Tuesday, July 25, and express your anger, frustration, and determination to hold fast to the ACA. Your voice matters every single time you call.

Call him in D.C.: 202-224-3353. Can’t get through? Call his office in Columbus: 614-469-6774. Ask to speak with the staff member dealing with health care. Can’t reach anyone? Leave a message. Get a busy signal? Keep calling.

Here’s your message to share with your networks. Amplify. Educate.


The Senate Health Care Vote, Simplified

The Senate hopes it can muster the 51 votes needed to pass a bill, but some Republicans are wavering, both in the center and on the right.

NPR’s health and politics teams have been doing our best to shed some light on what’s a very confusing situation, even by health policy standards.

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