Ohio Organizing Collaborative to Meet Knox Residents this Saturday, Feb. 3

Witness for Social Justice and interested parties in Knox and surrounding counties are meeting Saturday, Feb. 3, with statewide folks who have a constitutional amendment to put on the November ballot. The Ohio Organizing Collaborative is leading an effort to transform the way we respond to drug use and the drug crisis in Ohio. According to the organizers, “We are preparing to launch a ballot initiative that would end the ‘addiction-to-prison-pipeline’ and move tens of millions of dollars every year out of incarcerating drug users and into drug treatment. If the initiative passes, it will save countless lives, and make a huge impact on thousands of families struggling with addiction.”

The meeting will be held 11am-4pm, and will include coffee and lunch. Discussion will center around the initiative, as well as a proposal to form an Ohio “Small-Town Alliance.” Meet Hayden, Stuart, and Amanda from Ohio Organizing on Saturday at Palme House, 101 Ward St., Gambier, OH.

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