United Citizens Action Network (UCAN)


ucantmThe United Citizens Action Network (UCAN) is a non-profit dedicated to both creating an inclusive network of communication and taking action in regards to environmental and social justice in Ohio.

One response to “United Citizens Action Network (UCAN)

  1. Dear UCAN Friends, I wanted to give y’all an update regarding my “reassimilation back into USA” process. I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Past couple days i got to hang with a longtime activist bueno amiga Elly near Asheville. She used to have a coop farm in Equador, and has been one of the most energetic, activist, inspirational and strategically smart people I have known for decades. I’m left her place yesterday to come up here to Floyd Virginia, one of my favorite little mountain villages east of the Mississippi. It’s just off the Skyline Drive & Blue Ridge Parkway. There’s great live bluegrass music everywhere, on the streets, in the diners & stores. Floyd is a truly mellow & uplifting little mountain town. Every summer it hosts one of the best annual arts & bluegrass fests in the country, the Floyd Fest, up off the Blue Ridge Parkway. After this morning’s farmers’ market I’ll head back out onto the Parkway and wind up the scenic drive to Berkeley Springs ,West Virginia. That’s a little town with an amazing history, wonderfully magical spirit & body renewing mineral springs, and tit has that fabulous mellow vibe that I thrive in at mineral & hot springs areas. George Washington actually surveyed this town when he was a surveyor, before he got involved in the Revolution. Staying tonight at my favorite little retro 50’s style motel there, with knotty pine/cedar interior walls and sweet proprietors. Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon I expect to get into Columbus to hold & hug my sweet little new granddaughter Sydney again (it’s been way too long!) and my beloved daughter Abby. Then I hope to roll into the farm tomorrow (Sunday) night. I’ve asked Jacob to put an extra log on the fire, and leave a light burning for me. I am looking forward to springtime projects, skylight above bed in master bedroom, few more chickens, walks & playing with Lady Doggie in my Scenic River sanctuary, and seeing you all. Might even be able to muster energy to work on the needed political stuff, although I feel a bit overwhelmed when looking at all the bad energy in our country, the governments and many of the people. Yesterday’s defeat of Trumpcare brings me a bit of hope. Have a great event at the VI tonight! Love to you all!


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