The Knox County Citizen Action Network (CAN) is a non-partisan network of Knox County, Ohio, citizens and organizations promoting progressive values and committed to collaboration, education and action for the public good.  Knox County CAN hopes to facilitate connections between progressive individuals and groups by providing support to amplify their values and messages.  This site is a work in progress as a shared messaging platform.  We hope it will serve as a tool to help local groups get their message out and reach more prospective members.

Our Values

  • We value community that is inclusive and promotes kindness, fairness, and respect.
  • We value community that advances truth, dialogue, and widespread engagement.
  • We value community that cares for the natural world for this and future generations.
  • We advocate for policies that are based on facts and science.
  • We advocate for policies that enable all individuals to meet their basic needs including access to work that supports a family.
  • We advocate for policies that sustain health and well-being by protecting the environment.
  • We advocate for policies that promote human dignity, here and abroad.