Check out these great state and national resources and tools to up your progressive game.

Innovation Ohio 

Innovation Ohio is a new type of policy think tank, blending progressive public policy analysis and hard-hitting research with a single-minded determination to drive this information into the hands of the media, policymakers, and allies to help influence policy decisions and shape public opinion.

Policy Matters Ohio

Policy Matters, a non-profit policy research institute, creates a more vibrant, equitable, sustainable and inclusive Ohio through research, strategic communications, coalition building and policy advocacy.

Progress Ohio

Affiliated with ProgressNow as an earned media hub and People’s Action as a field and coalition leading organization, ProgressOhio has fought privatization and public access issues; serves as a leader on Ohio issue coalitions on voter suppression, redistricting reform, revenue enhancement, women’s rights issues, payday lending reform, and health care issues. In addition to communicating directly with 300,000+ members, the group serves as coalition partner to hundreds of mission-­aligned groups operating out of the State of Ohio. Progress Ohio’s mission is to promote progressive solutions, correct right­wing misinformation, and hold public leaders accountable, helping to make an Ohio that works for everyone.

Take Action.Take Care.

A resource to help us all to resist for the next four years without becoming so burned out that we cannot function. Because the personal is political.


Mission:  To make it simply irresistible for Americans to become active participants in our democracy. Each week, the group shares four actions you can take to resist the Trump agenda.